sticky thai banana spring roll with nutella®

All year round

45 minutes

Yields: 12 servings
Portion: 1 spring roll



  • 800 g Cooked White Rice
  • 300 g Banana
  • 35 g Brown Rice Syrup
  • 12 Spring Roll Wrappers
  • 170 g Nutella®



Prepare the Thai dessert spring roll filling: in a large bowl, combine the cooked short grain rice, brown rice syrup and fresh finely diced bananas until mixed well.

Fill a 40-cm bowl half way with cool water and soak a Thai spring roll wrapper until limp.

Lay the wrapper out flat onto a plastic

Thai spring roll tray.

Place 115 g of the Thai dessert spring roll filling down the middle of the wrapper.

Fold over each end and tightly roll the wrapper around the contents, as if making a burrito.

Moisten at the seam: press to close.

Place the Thai dessert spring roll onto a plate.

Place 170 g Nutella® in a pastry bag with a straight edged piping tip, then pipe a straight line of Nutella® over the top of each spring roll.

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