carrot mousse with nutella®

All year round

Serves: approx. 10 portions
Portion: 1 piece



  • 85 g carrots, boiled and cooled
  • 3 g gelatine in sheets
  • 85 g unsweetened whipped cream
  • 85 g meringue
  • 150 g Nutella®




In a food mixer, beat 100 g of egg whites together with 50 g of sugar. Meanwhile, pour 50 g of water and 150 g of sugar into a small pan and bring it all to a temperature of 120°C.

Gradually add the sugar to the beaten egg whites and keep the whisk turning until it is completely cooled.

Beat the cream, combine the meringue, wet the gelatine in cold water and add it to the carrots, which have previously been puréed. Mix it all with a spatula, taking care not to beat the air out.

Fill the special hemispherical moulds measuring approx. 5 cm in diameter and put them into the blast chiller.

Once they have solidified, cut a hole in the middle of approx. 2 cm in diameter and fill with 15 g of Nutella®.