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Ferrero Snacking includes the UK’s No.1 singles countlines* - the Kinder Bueno Classic 43g bar. It is a delicate chocolate bar with a scrumptious taste, and each delicious piece promises creamy hazelnut, smooth chocolate and crispy wafer for your customers to enjoy. It also comes in two individually wrapped portions to help customers enjoy their favourite treats as part of a balanced and varied diet. The Kinder Bueno is also available in the white chocolate variant.


Kinder Bueno Pack Shot


Kinder Bueno Snack Bar


Kinder Chocolate Medium Snackbar T2 42g is available in a case of 24 bars. Each bar of Kinder Chocolate contains a delicious milky filling covered with a fine milk chocolate coating. Kinder Chocolate Top 5 the fastest growing brand in Kids Chocolate**.


Kinder NO1 Chocolate Brand


Kinder Bueno Bar and Logo
Kinder Bueno