Nutella launches the next best thing for cafes and suppliers a Nutella 1kg piping bag

Nutella® launches the next best thing for cafés and suppliers: a Nutella® 1kg piping bag


SYDNEY, MAY 2017: NUTELLA® has launched a 1kg Piping Bag designed specifically for the foodservice market, which allows bakers and chefs to pipe NUTELLA® easily and quickly without having to first spoon it into a piping bag.


Perfect for tasty croissants, crepes and doughnuts, bakers and chefs can now look forward to piping with the convenient and durable new packaging to easily insert, fill and decorate their recipes with NUTELLA®. The new product has been launched in response to new research revealing efficiency and creativity in the kitchen are two of the most important considerations for bakers and chefs [1].


A survey of over 500 Australian chefs, café works and bakers, commissioned by Ferrero Foodservice, found that 73 per cent of responses indicated that getting good quality meals and products out on time to keep customers happy was front of mind in the foodservice industry.


“Overwhelming customer feedback told us that piping NUTELLA® allows real creativity and innovation in the kitchen but often our busy chefs and bakers don’t have the resources to waste time spooning NUTELLA® out of a tub into a piping bag,” said Jodie Tripodi, National Sales Manager Foodservice, Ferrero Australia & New Zealand.


Over 40 per cent of respondents also said having something new to experiment with in the kitchen to create original dishes plays an important role to diversify their menu and keep customers interested.


“We know chefs and bakers love to experiment in the kitchen with new dishes and products. Time poor chefs and bakers will be pleased to know the new piping bag allows them to get creative easily as the new NUTELLA® Piping Bag innovation is delivered ready to go,” said Tripodi.


The piping bag is the second foodservice innovation from NUTELLA® and Ferrero Foodservice after the NUTELLA® 25g Mini Jar which has proven very popular with cafes.


The new foodservice specific piping bags are available from foodservice wholesalers from April and still contain the recipe that cafes, bakeries, patisseries and restaurants around the country know and love.

[1] Research undertaken with ‘Nutella® Foodservice’ Polls for Facebook, March 2017