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Ferrero Foodservice products can be requested through your preferred wholesaler.

Ferrero Foodservice products are developed specifically for use in an out of home (OOH) environment and therefore cannot be purchased through supermarkets.

Nutella is a hazelnut spread with cocoa and therefore does contain hazelnuts.

Nutella® hazelnut spread does not contain any ingredients derived from gluten-containing cereals: wheat, barley, rye, oats or triticale.

NUTELLA® is a registered trademark of Ferrero S.p.A.
The use of NUTELLA® hazelnut spread in the preparation of other products does not automatically grant a right to use the NUTELLA® trademark. However, certain limited use is authorized by Ferrero S.p.A. under the terms and conditions set forth below.

If you are an independent, please refer to the Use of the Nutella® Trademark Page.
If you are managing or part of a café/restaurant chain, please contact us.

Nutella® is suitable for ovo-lacto vegetarians, and has been certified by the Vegetarian Society, along with many other Ferrero® products. These can be viewed on the official website, through the following link under the respective food category.

NUTELLA® Piping Bag is delivered ready to go, it’s been designed to easily insert, fill and decorate recipes with NUTELLA®. It’s perfect for tasty croissants, crepes, pancake, muffins doughnuts or any of your creations. Simply snip, pipe and serve your delicious NUTELLA® creations!

See the Piping bag in action here.

The Nutella 5kg jars are not sold anymore, you can buy the 3kg buckets. Please contact us to enquire a 5kg display jar.

Ferrero® is only set up to deliver to Australia & New Zealand and Minimum order quantities apply. Please contact us to find out more.

Palm oil is used in Nutella® to give the product its creamy texture, as well as to heighten the flavour of its ingredients, thanks to the oil's odourless and tasteless properties. Furthermore, it is the best ingredient for giving Nutella® the right texture, and importantly avoiding the need for a hydrogenation process which produces trans-fats.

Yes, since January 2015 Nutella® only uses 100% sustainable and RSPO-certified segregated palm oil, which is traceable.

This type of palm oil does not contribute to deforestation, species extinction, high greenhouse gas emissions or violate human rights. 

In November 2013, Ferrero® (the maker of Nutella®) moved beyond the RSPO certification by adopting a ‘No Deforestation’ policy, the Ferrero Palm Oil Charter, a robust, publicly available and time-bound implementation plan, working extensively with its suppliers. To turn the Charter commitment into concrete actions, Ferrero® established a technical partnership with The Forest Trust (TFT) to support the implementation of its Palm Oil Charter. Find out more at

Ferrero (the maker of Nutella®) aims at sourcing 100% certified as sustainable cocoa beans by end of 2020. At the end of 2017, Ferrero consumed more than 120,000 tonnes of cocoa beans of which 70% was certified as sustainable cocoa and is line for its predicted target. Currently, Ferrero is sourcing certified as sustainable cocoa beans through farms that are certified by one of its partners UTZ Certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified and Fairtrade. Details can be found at

Nutella® sold by Australian Food Service is sourced from Ferrero® factories in Alba, Italy and from Lithgow, Australia and is Kosher certified. Please refer to the Kashrut Authority website for more information.

Nutella® sold by Australian Food Service is sourced from Ferrero® factories in Alba, Italy and from Lithgow, Australia and is Halal certified. Please refer to the National Independent Halaal Trust website for more information.

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