Cappuccino with Nutella®

Cappuccino with Nutella®

Preparation Time: 7 min

Serves: 1 Person



1 hot espresso 

25cl of hot milk 

15g of Nutella® 

30cl of whole liquid cream 

15g of sugar 



1. Prepare the whipped cream: in a very cold bowl, whisk the whipped cream and the sugar. 

2. Drizzle Nutella® on the sides of the cup. Only three quarters of the way up, so leaving the top quarter of the cup without Nutella®

3. Pour an espresso into the cup. 

4. Pour hot milk into the cup, until it comes close to the rim. 

5. Place the whipped cream on top. 

6. You can decorate with an extra drizzle of Nutella®